Oliver W. Colbert

Oliver is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, with a passion for using his words to inspire people to go beyond fear towards their goals.

His creative background mixed with his years of working in an academic environment in higher education administration informs his mindful and strategic approach to his work.

On March 29, 2019, Oliver successfully self-published his 2nd book, Dope & Dangerous: A Bunch of Poems About Being Black. Oliver is the founder of Writers League, LLC., an event-based networking company for creative writers in NYC.

Oliver continues to work with a number of colleges and universities giving talks, facilitating workshops, and delivering performances around Values, Social Justice, and Finding Purpose, using writing as vehicle to navigate these topics. He believes that remaining true to ones values is a major key to leading an honorable life, a tenet he lives out through his work.

why i do what i do

I was kicked out of school. I’ve been arrested and had to sit in a cell. I was fired from a position that I thought was my dream job. I’ve been insecure about my work. Despite all of that, I continued working towards my goals.

Now, I write, I travel, and I facilitate motivational workshops for college students on prioritizing their values and tapping into their greatness. I’m an author of the poetry book, Dope & Dangerous: A Bunch of Poems About Being Black.

I use my story to inspire millennials to be fearless, dream big, and always work towards your goals!





Dope & Dangerous

30 Original Poems

There are short 30 poems that depict how Dope and Dangerous it is to be Black in America.

Original Illustrations

There are a collection of original illustrations supporting the poetic works.

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I use poetry to engage college students in a discussion about values and navigating life’s challenges. My workshops are a perfect fit for student conferences, orientation, and trainings.

Values Are Dope Workshop
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