Lady justice doesn't always speak at a consistent volume but she never fails to send a message.

One mostly coded as objective yet numbers show which people are being subjected to her vicious system.

Sword in one hand, scale in the other, blindfold around her eyes but I know she can hear the cries of the mothers.
The mothers of lost sons and brothers, of forgotten sisters

Lady justice I think you missed it when the camera showed when the officer did it.

Look he did it! Look!

I know you can see through that fucking blindfold, because somehow niggers get harsher sentences regardless of the timezone

But if Timmy shoots up his class before the bell then that's an issue of mental health, that's fine and well but in the hood kids see dead bodies & crack sales before the age of 12 and they're left to figure it out themselves.

Don't talk to me about trauma.

I'm familiar with the product of that setting.
Endless fear of having any day be my ending.
My word vs your word could be the beginning of my sentencing
Of Rikers living
Family missing
Face in papers
Future faded
Lady Lady Lady

Justice why you keep fronting like blind?