10 Yr Probation

He used to pray for times like that to rhyme like that
Wicked system - couldn’t forgive him - so they gave him time like that
Can’t blame him as a youth coming up he had to navigate that map
That’s Tragic
Where violence is present and fathers are absent
That trend isn’t accident - white judges and politicians sitting back laughing
Cold Condition forced niggas brainstorm a strategy to survive so how can anyone be surprised That heat was forecasted
I could imagine the dreams he had
Trade the prison bus for bentley truck
Treat his friends like willies the way he picked them up
Gave his city a certain vision showed his brotherly love
Almost caught the dream he was chasing
Til they came picked him up
This is beyond rappers perception and trending news
This one story represents countless others who will never get the views
They won’t make mixtapes they wont get a chance to tell their truths
The ones who took a plea bc they were told trial woulda been a terrible move
But what boggles my mind is how Zimmerman free but they lock up GS9
How police shoot people and get no time.