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As you’re checking out the Book and Merch don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom and get to know the creators and what’s behind the book.

Dope and Dangerous Book
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What’s in the book?

30 Original Poems

There are short 30 poems that depict how Dope and Dangerous it is to be Black in America. 

Original Illustrations

There are a collection of original illustrations supporting the poetic works.


Dope Merch

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The Story Behind The Book

Dope & Dangerous is more than a book, it's an effort by a young creative couple to use their talents to help pay off their student loans while encouraging literacy and design through a social justice lens.


Oliver & Sy

The Creators

She's the designer, strategist, and planner. Me? I'm just the wordsmith. I came to her with over a year's worth of poems and I told her I wanted to put together a book. Of course, like all black women, she amplified my idea by a trillion. Thus, Dope & Dangerous was born.

We are so excited to be able to share this collaboration of poetry and design with you!