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I’m a creative professional in higher education administration and I'm using poetry to make a difference among students. I have a BA in Journalism from SUNY Buffalo State and a MA in Higher Education Administration from Stony Brook University. Throughout my career I’ve served in many capacities in colleges & universities around New York City. I started out as a Grad Assistant in Student Life at Baruch College, then moved on to be a College Advisor at the Harlem Children’s Zone, then the Coordinator of Student Engagement & Leadership at the School of Visual Arts and now I’m currently serving as a Student Success Advisor in the Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts at The New School in New York City   … but wait ... hold up ...


No amount of degrees or professional experiences can begin to scratch the surface of defining WHO I AM. To know me, you need to know that I am one of three children, raised by a single-mother in a 2-bedroom apartment in Flatbush, Brooklyn. I grew up under what some call “less fortunate” circumstances; hand-me-down clothes, roaches in the kitchen and watching my mom struggle with the pressure of overdue bills on a regular basis. Most of the lessons that I learned throughout my life, I learned the hard way. Nevertheless, I was able to I use my love for education in collaboration with my talent of spoken-word poetry to change the trajectory of my life. 


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